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What are America’s most popular travel plans?

It’s never too early to make your summer travel plans. DreamPlanGo, the popular website and social community devoted to bringing travelers vacation ideas and trip inspiration, surveyed a cross-section of Americans and found some interesting answers to that age-old question, “What are you doing this summer?”

Use certificates of deposit to help plan retirement financing

When your retirement date is five to 10 years out, it’s a good time to review the investments you’ve made. During this review, also look at new investment options and consider making a few changes to help protect and continue to grow your nest egg for your golden years.

Help your pet shed unhealthy weight

Are you killing your pet with kindness? We’re not talking about the compassion that motivates us to vaccinate our pets, or keep them warm in cold weather. Kindness that can be harmful to pets comes in the form of an overabundance of food and treats. The all-too-common result is a pet that becomes overweight or even obese.

Home chefs use new technology to cook with ease

Home cooks are spending more time in their own kitchens and less time dining out. Fortunately, technology makes it easier than ever for home chefs to prep and cook meals at home and clean up conveniently and efficiently afterward.

SAT prep: 4 steps to a better score

The SAT is probably the most important exam a student will ever take. It can carry as much weight with college admissions officers as years’ worth of grades, and determine whether a student gets into a top-choice university. With pressure that intense, it’s easy for students to become stressed; some might even give up in the face of the challenge. However, the SATs don’t have to be a frightening experience. With the right preparation, students will go into the exam room with a confident attitude and come away with strong scores.

Celebrate the amazing nurses in your life

Nurses are often the first health care provider a patient meets. Whether they’re helping someone during a health crisis, involving the family in a patient’s care, or assisting with a medical treatment, nurses bring a wealth of medical knowledge, compassion and dedication to their jobs every day. The importance of nurses cannot be overstated, yet there is a shortage of nursing professionals in this country.