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‘M is for Monster’ may result in nightmares for younger readers

You probably wouldn’t think that an alphabet book could be for older kids but “M is for Monster” by J. Patrick Lewis, illustrated by Gerald Kelley definitely is. Small, sensitive children may run, screaming, into a bedtime full of nightmares after they see what’s inside this book. The artwork is incredible but it works its magic entirely too well for little ones.

‘How to Bake a Book’ invites kids to concoct tales of their own

Could it be true that lifelong readers and lifelong foodies both need to start early in their passions? I’ll bet it is – which is why “How to Bake a Book” could be a good addition to your (pretend) kitchen.

‘Kids Who Are Changing the World’ shows that activism is for all ages

Someday, the planet on which you’re standing will be yours. That means you probably want to take good care of it and of the other people who’ll own it, too. No doubt, you’ve got some awesome (and very unique) ideas on how to do that. And if not — well, why not learn from kids who’ve done something for the Earth?

Carl Hiaasen makes leap to youth lit with ‘Skink — No Surrender’

You learned the truth about the Jolly Old Elf years ago. Same with the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. So if, in the new book “Skink – No Surrender” by Carl Hiaasen, 14-year-old Richard Sloan said he met a one-eyed, bearded, beak-wearing man-bear on a Florida beach, who’d believe him?