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Study: Nevada margins tax cost — 3,610 jobs

A proposed 2 percent margins tax on Nevada businesses could result in the loss of 3,610 private sector jobs in 2015, according to a new study released Tuesday and commissioned by a conservative think tank that opposes such a levy.

Juvenile competency statute proposed for Nevada

Nevada currently lacks a statute to address competency issues among juveniles. Officials have used adult criminal procedures as a guide instead, said Susan Roske, an attorney with the Clark County juvenile public defender’s office.

Foster daughter’s death spurs appeal to lawmakers

The June death of her 7-month-old foster daughter prompted Sheila Smith to ask a legislative committee to evaluate Clark County Department of Family Services’ medical policies and procedures on Friday. Smith did take her ailing foster daughter to the hospital, but doctors needed to run a test to treat her condition, which required consent from the biological mother, she said. Family Services couldn’t locate the biological mother and told Smith it would take two weeks to get a court order allowing the baby to undergo the needed medical procedures .

Nevada: Math key to finishing college

College students in Nevada who do not complete college-level introductory math courses early on in their studies are far less likely to graduate than those who do, a new report shows.

Panel hears proposals to fix Nevada’s new medical marijuana law

Issues raised at the first meeting of Nevada medical marijuana panel Wednesday ranged from employment protections for patients to ensuring that patients who grow their own will be allowed to continue to do so.

State education tax battle to gain money through summer

A low-key but high-stakes campaign is underway by opposing groups to win the hearts and minds of Nevada voters ahead of the general election and a critical vote on a margins tax to fund public education.

O.J. raised as example of unnecessary Nevada prison costs

O.J. Simpson’s imprisonment in Nevada for convictions stemming from his 2007 robbery of two memorabilia collectors at Palace Station was raised at a legislative hearing Tuesday as an example of questionable policies leading to unnecessary incarceration costs.