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The ‘supermoon’ has arrived!

Because our celestial neighbor is relatively close to Earth, the full moon will appear to be unusually large.

How about these laws?

Although the 2015 session of the Nevada Legislature is still eight months away, lawmakers have already begun to ask the dedicated and long-suffering lawyers at the Legislative Counsel Bureau to start drafting proposed laws.

EDITORIAL: Fracking economy

Remember when the environmental lobby was totally on board with natural gas, and even the hydraulic fracturing required to bring more of it to market? It was only five years ago. Ronald Bailey, writing for Reason.com, noted that in an August 2009 article for the Energy Future Coalition, arch-liberals Timothy Wirth and John Podesta proclaimed shale gas “a bridge fuel to a 21st-century energy economy that relies on efficiency, renewable sources and low-carbon fossil fuels such as natural gas.”

EDITORIAL: Question 3 counters country’s tax-cutting trend

If Nevada were really trying to catch up to other states, if it were really serious about creating an environment for future prosperity and opportunity, then Question 3 on November’s ballot would seek to cut taxes, not raise them.

Scary thought: Obama trying to fix immigration

President Barack Obama will unilaterally fix America’s immigration mess. And if Congress doesn’t like it, then “sue me,” he says.

Top rated new vehicles for seniors

Dear Savvy Senior: Since retiring, my husband and I love to travel but hotel costs eat up our budget so fast we can’t stay as long or go as often as we’d like to. I’ve heard that there are alternative lodging options like short-term apartment rentals or even house sitting that offer a much cheaper way to travel. How can we find these? — Retired Travelers

51s’ Dykstra to take aim at snorting bull

One of the most colorful characters in the 51s clubhouse, it’s fitting that first baseman Allan Dykstra will represent Las Vegas in Wednesday’s Triple-A All-Star Game in Durham, N.C. — the city that served as the backdrop for the classic baseball film “Bull Durham.”

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