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EDITORIAL: Conserving cash

Government isn’t structured to run efficiently. It’s a rare moment when the private sector doesn’t outperform the bureaucrats who would purport to be our betters, even in areas dominated by government hype. Like being eco-friendly.

EDITORIAL: Put foot on gas in energy search

In a move that could boost economies along the East Coast, the Obama administration approved the use of underwater sound blasts to pinpoint the locations of oil and gas deposits beneath Atlantic Ocean waters. Environmentalists are less than pleased with the decision, but President Barack Obama deserves praise for it.

Lake Tahoe hotel damaged by fire

A fire at a South Lake Tahoe hotel forced two people to jump to safety from a second-story balcony and caused $2 million in damage, officials said Thursday.

‘Lucy,’ never uses full capacity of gray matter

An ordinary young woman is given extraordinary powers when she ingests too much of a designer drug. It sounds like something Stan Lee and John Belushi might have concocted. Unfortunately, the reality is twice as nutty and roughly half as entertaining.

Bridge changes its image

What if I told you that Bill Gates plays bridge. And his bazillionaire buddy Warren Buffett. And that a few days ago, Gates and his partners beat 48 tables to win their flight in the American Contract Bridge League’s North American Championships at Westgate Las Vegas.

No longer a ‘knucklehead,’ Anthony Johnson wins over new UFC fans

A masterful performance in an upset of Phil Davis in April propelled Anthony Johnson up the rankings in the Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight division. The victory also earned Johnson plenty of new fans.

Top filly Untapable to take on quality males in Haskell

While California Chrome, the pro tem king of the 3-year-old division after wins in the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, is vacationing, an eager bunch will be nipping at his heels starting this weekend.

Colorado River drought impact tracked from space

The impact of drought on the Colorado River is so severe you can see the weight of it from space. Actually what you can see is the absence of weight.

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