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Dollar Tree to raise prices as high as $7

After Dollar Tree announced another price hike at its stores, internet users didn’t hold back, raising their glasses to roast the chain.

In case you missed it, Dollar Tree stores are once again raising prices on items, this time to as much as $7. The steep jump comes less than a year after the brand revealed its $5 price cap in June 2023, which followed a base price raise from $1 to $1.25 in 2021, per Yahoo Finance.

And let’s just say consumers are not happy about having to pay more at what once was a dollar store.

“Just rename it ‘Tree’ cause nothing in there cost a dollar anymore and y’all think money grows from one,” one social media user wrote via Instagram.

“They need to rename it $7 tree then,” someone else similarly joked via X (formerly Twitter) before another X user fixed the logo to match the new prices.

“I’m still up about the .25 cents raise, NOW this is ridiculous! They’re canceling themselves. Who TF is going to shop their now with those crazy price. To Walmart we go!” a different Instagram user declared.

And it’s not just individuals who do their personal shopping there that are mad. As one explained, teachers are most likely to feel the burden of higher prices. “This is really bothersome, especially for teachers. I honestly felt the .25 increase. So many of my class treats / surprises come from here- and my salary definitely isn’t getting the increase it deserves.”

But not all people are concerned about the prices as long as it’s justified, with another Instagram user asking, “Has the QUALITY of the items gone up too?”

The recent price limit increase comes about two weeks after Dollar Tree, Inc., the parent company that also owns Family Dollar, announced the closure of more than 1,000 Family Dollar stores nationwide over the next few years.

According to Dollar Tree’s plans, about 600 Family Dollar stores will shutter in the first half of this year, while another 370 Family Dollar and 30 Dollar Tree stores will close in years to come.

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