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Two men arrested, charged for impersonating police

Two men were arrested this week on charges related to impersonating a police officer, a Las Vegas police report released Friday said.

According to the report, Timothy Stratton, 20, and a man identified only as John Doe were arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and impersonating a police officer. It was unclear why police referred to the second suspect as John Doe; the report showed police did not have his personal information.

The report said that on Tuesday at
1:40 a.m., both Stratton and Doe approached a car of five people who were between the ages of 19 and 21 at 3896 Swenson St., near Flamingo Road. Stratton was holding a gun that was pointed at the ground.

One of the victims told police Stratton asked him whether there were any illegal substances in the vehicle. The victim asked to see Stratton’s identification, and Stratton told him he didn’t have to. “I am a detective,” Stratton said, according to the report. “I don’t have to show you (expletive).”

The victim tried to drive away, but Stratton racked the gun and released the slide and then hit the driver’s window. The victim then got out of the car, and Stratton pointed the gun at him and again declared he was an officer of the law.

“I am a detective, and you are going to jail,” Stratton said.

The victim then told Stratton that he was calling 911.

While the victim spoke with Stratton, another victim was speaking with Doe. Doe then told the victims not to approach their vehicle .

When police arrived, both Stratton and Doe fled. Police said they learned the gun Stratton was holding was a pellet gun.

The five people in the car all identified Stratton and Doe as the men who made statements of being detectives and asking for narcotics, the report said. Police said that when they caught up with Stratton and Doe, Stratton made statements to investigators that Doe was his partner.

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