Readers offer their wish lists

Regular readers of this column know we tend to accumulate quite a backlog of requests, so let’s start the new year out right (and a happy one to all, by the way) by clearing a whole bunch. The following readers are looking for:

Joyce O’Meara: pickling salt;

Kirk Williams: Horlich’s Malt in the vanilla powder form;

Kathy Smith: veal bratwurst;

Doris Williams: a local source for TOC, or Trenton Oyster Crackers;

Jeanne Fermon: Knorr pork bouillon;

Mike Ryan: Vlasic Mild Cherry Peppers, which he used to get at Smith’s;

Connie Parsells: JMH Premium Products Asian Chicken Powder with no MSG;

Ken Jarvis: mulberry wine;

Marvin Feinburg: Claeys old-fashioned hard candies;

Teresa Sams: Kangaroo Sea Salt Pita Chips, which she used to get at Wal-Mart;

Bill Baker: chow chow cabbage relish;

Larry Millonzi: irradiated meat, for making steak tartare;

Shirley Greene: Nyafat;

Phil McDaniel: Elsenham orange marmalade or other jam or jelly;

Eleanor Matteson: Country Pasta, which she used to get at Sam’s Club;

Sandra Geraci: Vegas Chips;

Shirl Meade: Mettwurst sausages;

Tonya Tafuri: Putney Pasta frozen meals, particularly chicken picatta and shrimp scampi;

Jean Barrie: Colavita Marinara Sauce;

B. Green: Sacramento Tomato Juice, formerly available at Long’s Drug;

Pam Rothermund: soy sauce with lemon or lime;

Robert Parker: frozen chili dogs wrapped in corn tortillas, which he used to get at Wal-Mart Supercenter;

Alex Silver: Romany Cremes from South Africa and Tim Tams from Australia;

Mary Jo Sugden: garlic cheese, and shrimp soup, either in a can or package;

Anna Schaffer: a local source for Johnny’s Great Caesar Garlic Spread and Dressing;

Earl Hoy: a local store that carries Portuguese sausage;

Vince Cantore: a buffet that serves baked clams;

Rich Towers: Campbell’s Beefy Mushroom Soup;

Melissa Cirillo: Celentano frozen pizza, Sabrett hot dogs, Entemann’s filled chocolate chip crumb cake and Social Teas cookies;

Margaret Hanson: child-friendly restaurants with menu items that are wheat free, gluten free and dairy free, and a place with dairy-free frozen desserts;

Glenn Kulich: Bob Evans Italian Sausage and Jim Beam steak sauce;

Toni Kouba: puffed-rice cereal;

And Rick Elmore: whole buttermilk, because “who in their right mind uses low-fat buttermilk for Granny’s Southern biscuits?”


Submit information to Heidi Knapp Rinella, P.O. Box 70, Las Vegas, NV 89125-0070. You also can send faxes to 383-4676 or e-mail her at Include your first and last names and, if e-mailing, put “Taste of the Town” in the subject line. Because of the volume of mail received, we can’t respond to each request.

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