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Trip of the Week

Trip of the Week

Margo Bartlett Pesek writes about day trips from Las Vegas and information about the surrounding areas. Her column appears Sunday in Travel/Living.

Utah’s Snow Canyon State Park showcases great vistas year-round

The beautiful cliffs and canyons known as Snow Canyon State Park near St. George, Utah, have been attracting visitors for thousands of years. Artifacts left well over 2,500 years ago indicate humans came to hunt, gather food and find shelter over a span of about 700 years. Then came the Anasazi, Ancestral Puebloans, farmers and pueblo builders who occupied the area for more than 1,000 years.

California ghost town remains frozen in time

Bodie, a ghost town near Mono Lake in eastern California, preserves the remnants of an 1880s boomtown in a state of “arresteddecay” as a California State Historic Park.

Explore an underground marvel in northern Arizona

Unique experiences await visitors to Grand Canyon Caverns in northern Arizona, starting with a choice of five tours of the largest dry caverns in the United States.

Friendly Austin plays up its 19th-century charm

Austin once reigned as queen of the Central Nevada mining towns. Today it lures visitors by trading upon its past, its location on U.S. Highway 50 and nearby recreational attractions.

Exploring U.S. 50 is a distinctly Nevada adventure

U.S. Highway 50, famously dubbed “the loneliest road in America,” traverses more than 400 miles of the state’s sparsely populated heartland as it parallels frontier trails.

Join in the fun at a rural Nevada county fair

County fairs are anticipated annual events in several of Nevada’s rural counties, providing a break in the routine for farmers and ranchers as harvest season approaches.

Southwest mountain wildflowers put on summer show

Beautiful wild gardens greet high-country visitors throughout the West during the brief season between snowmelt and snowfall.

Verdant Carson Valley teems with scenery, history

This agricultural area along the east fork of the Carson River in northwestern Nevada is best visited from May through October.

Boulder City exudes small-town friendliness

A comfortable place to live and a charming town to visit, Boulder City provides a day-trip destination for dining, shopping, museums, downtown artscapes, wide-ranging outdoor activities and special events.

Kanab, Utah, boasts Hollywood good looks

Set amid the stunning scenery of Utah’s color country, historic Kanab is a portal to the past and a hub for recreational attractions in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona.