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5 places in Las Vegas that prove you can fry just about anything

Other Mama

You’ll have to look past the menu to the chalkboard full of specials for chef Dan Krohmer’s chicken-fried lobster, which has been listed there for a while and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The half lobster with Southern-style breading comes with a green salad and house-made remoulade. ($25) 3655 S. Durango Drive, 702-463-8382, othermamalv.com.

Other Mama

Beaumont’s Southern Kitchen

Texas Station’s new barbecue joint will fry just about anything, as evidenced by the chicken-fried ribs. But the masterpiece is, without a doubt, the Bacon & Eggs: a trio of deviled eggs with deep-fried whites that sit atop stacks of fried onions, with a slice of jalapeno-candied bacon. ($6) Texas Station, 702-631-1000, texasstation.sclv.com.

Station Casinos

Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House

Leave it to Emeril Lagasse to offer frog legs in a gourmet restaurant. His version is lightly battered and fried and served on a bed of shaved celery ribbons with a side of spicy Creole tomato glaze ($15). MGM Grand, 702-891-7374, emerilsrestaruants.com.

Madison Freedle

Yardbird Southern Table

For deep-fried dessert, Twinkies are an obvious choice. But don’t overlook the State Fair Fry, which consists of Oreos battered with doughnut dough, rolled in Rice Krispies and fried to perfection. ($10) Grand Canal Shoppes, 702-297-6541, runchickenrun.com.



Look to the happy side of the menu, rather than the healthy side, for the fried pickle chips. Prepared with Cajun seasoning, they’re accompanied by a side of Chipotle aioli dipping sauce. ($6) Multiple locations, skinnyfats.com.


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