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Bajio Mexican Grill, 4235 S. Fort Apache Road, received 13 demerits April 13. Violations included chemicals not stored properly. GRADE: B

Move Over Wine

When Michael Jordan was a student at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., he spent a couple of weeks learning about the pairing of food and wine. Beer, on the other hand, was “spoken about, but I wouldn’t say it was focused on.” During the next 10 years — including seven with celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse, in both New Orleans and Las Vegas — wine pairings were a standard part of business as usual.

Halibut can be found in valley

Thanks to a high-power Canadian radio station, a Michigan restaurant chain’s jingle blew all over the Midwest during the ’60s and ’70s with many memorable lines, but one in particular: “I just go to Elias Brothers for the halibut.” That came to mind when I received K.J. Howe’s request for halibut fish and chips — which, readers say, can be found in Las Vegas.

Fat Tommy’s promises back-to-basics barbecue

No-frills, inexpensive barbecue that tastes good: That’s what Gary Kostka had in mind when he opened Fat Tommy’s BBQ, 6475 W. Charleston Blvd., in February.

Some neighborhood restaurants thrive despite poor economy

One morning last week, Tim Coppick perched on a saddle-colored stool at the wood-grain counter at the Omelet House at 316 N. Boulder Highway in Henderson and ordered coffee and toast. About 24 hours later and 20 miles across town, Kathy Dougherty and Pete Rouches — “We’re married but he wouldn’t change his name” — settled into a bright-orange booth at the Sunshine Cafe at 1581 N. Decatur Blvd. and soon were tucking into a ham and cheese omelet and a Spanish omelet, respectively.


Carmines Little Italy/Instant Replay restaurant, 2940 S. Durango Drive, received 29 demerits April 9. Violations included dirty ice cream prep area. GRADE: C

Monotonous pacing smothers ‘Goat’ comedy

The College of Southern Nevada’s “The Goat or Who is Sylvia?” is a reminder that certain characters need to be played by actors who appear to be of a certain age.

Sardines plentiful in valley

It appears we have plenty of sardine lovers in Las Vegas, because several people responded to Pat Moore, who’s looking for canned sardines in tomato sauce.

Readers warm up to Italian beef sandwiches

Here’s another regional favorite that has found a home in our melting pot of a community: Italian beef sandwiches with sport peppers and giardiniera, being sought by Keri Merlini.


China One, 11710 W. Charleston Blvd., received 20 demerits March 31. Violations included food not thawed properly. GRADE: B

Food-borne illnesses prevented with checks and balances

Eat the wrong pistachio dessert today and you could end up with salmonella. A wide variety of peanut products have been potential hazards for months. Before that were spinach, tomatoes, scallions. And that’s not to mention land mines such as foods that are cooked or cooled improperly or stored at temperatures that are too high or too low, or a host of others.

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