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Missing Links

Here’s a handy little application for finding cheap gasoline. Plug in your ZIP code in jam-code .com and compare prices at stations plotted on a Google map; the lowest prices are highlighted. The Web site works from your home computer, but if you have an iPhone, you can use it on the go. Yes, it’s an iPhone App as well.

Also for the frugal-minded — if you want a cheap calendar, make one. Printablecalendar.ca (the "ca" signifies Canada) offers a pretty wide selection of formats and you can include your own photos to decorate them.

New for parents — and their children — is kidzui.com. It’s a browser designed for kids ages 3-12. The content is safe and the design is kid-friendly. What makes KidZui different is that it isn’t a filter for the Internet, it’s more like an entirely new Internet just for the kids. All the links are reviewed by parents and teachers, and parents get weekly e-mails and online reports to check on online activities.


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