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Six signs of a hot housing market

You have to research mortgage rates, work on your credit, find a lender, all in the hopes of finding the most affordable financing possible.

What is a good faith estimate?

Q: What is a good faith estimate?

U.S. residential loan originations increase

1,950,267 loans were originated on single-family homes and condos in the second quarter, up 22 percent from the previous quarter and up 23 percent from a year ago to the highest level since the third quarter of 2013.

Appraiser can value hoarder’s home

Q: My mother is a hoarder. She owns her split-level ranch-style home, which is in my deceased father’s name and hers. Mother is 98 years old and has dementia, which is in the more-than-moderate stage. She lives by herself with her dog.

A goodwill adjustment letter can raise your score

Your credit score is affected by numerous factors, but late payments on your credit card, mortgage and auto loan can be among the worst ways to damage your score. No matter the reason for your tardiness, a late payment tells creditors that repaying the money you’ve borrowed isn’t something you take seriously.

Where to Start with Foreclosures?

Taking the prelicense course required for real estate salespersons will help when buying a foreclosed home even if you’re not looking for a license.


Data on sales of used homes in the Las Vegas Valley.

Homeowner not keeping up landscaping

An association would never be able to enforce its governing documents if the board makes decisions based on its concern of being sued. The board needs to make sure that all of the proper legal procedures were done.

Old Vegas captivate Magician Murray Sawchuck

Las Vegas magician Murray Sawchuck, who appears five days a week at Planet Hollywood, conjured up a heck of a good deal when he bought his Las Vegas home in 2009 for $230,000. It had last sold in 2006 for $380,000.

Mortgage rates drop as market oscillates

Mortgage rates dropped this week after the stock market turmoil that began in China and spread everywhere.