HEALTH Q&A: Coconut water

Q Is coconut water a healthy drink?

A Yes. Coconut water is the thin liquid inside young green coconuts – not to be confused with creamier coconut milk which is made by grating and squeezing the white coconut flesh of older coconuts. Coconut water has been hyped as a better alternative to sports drinks as well as having special healing properties. No question, coconut water is healthful and hydrating but it’s no shortcut to good health. Coconut water contains lots of potassium along with other electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. It’s also virtually fat-free and low in calories. Pure coconut water has about 50 calories per 8 ounces. It’s OK to drink coconut water if you find it refreshing or want to replenish electrolytes after a long workout (though water and a banana would do just as well for most people). But don’t buy into the special healing hype.

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