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Ageless elegance

It could be the sensuous curves. Or the detailed carvings. Or the grand scale. Or the luxurious finishes and upholstery.

Whatever the source, Christopher Guy designs have a special quality that make the furnishings and decorative accessories instantly recognizable.

“They make a unique statement,” said Luci Cremin, president of the company. “They say that I’m the jewel piece for that room.”

The company recently debuted a dedicated showroom of Christopher Guy designs within the Robert Allen/Beacon Hill showroom in the Las Vegas Design Center.

The space, on the ground floor of Building C, is done in a series of vignettes, allowing visitors to get a true picture of the designer’s vision and how the pieces can be assembled to create a glamorous look for any room of the home.

The showroom is hard to miss with its bright red walls. Done in the company’s flagship color, Carnelian red, the painted walls serve as a visual trail through the area.

The entrance lobby features pieces from the Christopher Guy occasional collection, including a dramatic and whimsical high-back wing chair. From there, the visit progresses to a lounge, dining room and bedroom. In addition to furnishings, the showroom includes accessories and lighting.

Christopher Guy Harrison is the founder and head designer of the international luxury brand, which has a presence in 39 cities around the world.

He describes his work as contemporary with classical values and believes that furnishings are about composition and symbolism.

“Regardless of whether the design piece leans toward modern or classic, above all else, it must be elegant in nature,” he said.

Cremin says that by crossing the lines between elements of design, Christopher Guy’s pieces become timeless.

But more than belonging to any type of design style, she said the pieces are sensual with an air of femininity. For example, his signature and patented Chris-X (pronounced kris-krôs) legs were meant to emulate the way a woman crosses her legs. The delicate arch of a woman’s eyebrows graces the back of a sofa.

The silhouettes of most of his designs also showcase soft, feminine curves.

The distinct pieces evoke a sense of luxury and glamour. They are found within some of the world’s grandest hotels and casinos including Wynn resorts, Caesars Palace and the Four Seasons, and have been used in movies such as “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Casino Royale” and “Oceans Thirteen.”

Born in Britain and raised in Spain and France, Harrison’s passion for design began when he was 16 and helped his stepfather build their home in the south of France.

His first endeavors came in the mid-1990s when he set out to create the world’s most fabulous and largest mirror frame collection. To produce his collection, launched under the name Harrison and Gil, he purchased a piece of land in Central Java, Indonesia, which has since become home to his 1 million-square-foot workshop.

Naturally, many of Christopher Guy’s large and oversized mirrors grace the walls of the Las Vegas showroom. Cremin said that each design can be customized and sized to accommodate a person’s needs.

All of the pieces are handcrafted, Cremin said.

“Everything is done by hand, from milling to carving to painting,” she said, noting that many of the company’s artisans have learned their craft as it passed down through the generations.

The company offers 26 finishes, ranging from wood tones to gold and silver gilding to lacquer so shiny it has the reflective qualities of glass. Additionally, numerous fabric options are available.

Pieces within the design center showroom use Robert Allen’s signature materials. “The rich fabrics complement the superior craftsmanship, timeless elegance and quality that are second nature to the Christopher Guy brand,” Cremin said.

For additional information, visit www.christopherguy.com.

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