Bedding basics need to consider health as well as looks

Are you expecting company during the holidays? At this time of year I start gearing up for overnight guests, and my first priority is the sleeping arrangement.

No matter how much I and my visiting family and friends love to spend time together, there is a point when everyone needs a break. And I know that I appreciate having a corner set up just for me when I’m away. It doesn’t have to be posh, just fresh and clean.

It’s all about the bed, really, and that’s my story for today. I’ve done some research, and what I’ve learned is pretty scary! That bed in my guest room that I’ve just covered with clean sheets and a fluffy duvet seemed just right until I learned the dirty truth about what was going on under the sheets.

Did you know that the average mattress weighs 10 pounds more than when you bought it 15 years ago? That extra weight is shed skin. When was the last time you changed your pillows? (The average is 20 years. I think I’ve still got some of my granny’s.) Those pillows are full of dust mites. Pretty gruesome stuff. According to the experts, you should actually change your pillow every six months.

Traditionally we have made our beds around comfort and style. There was nothing better than that perfect feather-bed mattress with our favorite designer sheets tucked in. There is now a third feature that should be considered: our health. What we can’t see can hurt us.

I have recently discovered news about SilverClear, a solution that has the power to combat all those nasty bacteria and more. To understand fully how it works, visit its Web site, You will see what a breakthrough this is for preparing and keeping a healthy bed. SilverClear is water-based and has no solvents. It’s applied during the manufacturing stage and has been clinically proven to be safe. Mattress pads and pillows treated with SilverClear are able to fight dust mites and bacteria at the source.

What you see in the photo shown here is an inviting bed layered with a peaceful Lotus pattern comforter, sheets and pillow shams. For products to combat what you don’t see, contact SilverClear.

Debbie Travis is a columnist for King Features Syndicate. E-mail questions to her at

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