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Sleep in five-star style

One of the best things about going on vacation — especially when staying in a four- or five-star hotel — is sinking into a luxurious bed at the end of a long day. The soft, plush bedding envelopes you for a welcome night of sleep.

There’s no reason to give up that feeling of comfort once you return home, said Carie Doll, Anna’s Linens chief merchandising officer.

“You spend an awful lot of time in your home in your bed,” she said. “We did our own sleep study a few months ago and learned that getting a good night’s sleep is not always easy. So you need a good, comfortable bed.”

The key, according to Doll, is layering.

Westin’s Heavenly Bed, for example, touts its 10 layers of comfort, starting with its 13-inch pillowtop mattress. According to the chain’s website, “Westin has designed every detail of the Heavenly Bed to promote superior slumber — from the crisp, white, 250-thread count sheets to the down duvets, plush pillows and custom pillowtop mattresses.”

Since its introduction in 1999, the bed has been winning accolades as an industry-leading innovation while millions of guests have experienced nights of deep, restful sleep.

Doll said high-end hotel chain’s beds are “so remarkably comfortable” you can buy them at the hotel or online. Westin sells its Heavenly bed for $2,870 to $3,800, depending on size.

“When you want to make the investment, a luxury bed — a place to get a great night’s sleep — is the place to make that investment. But if that is not an option, go from the mattress up,” Doll said.

The first place to start is a “great mattress pad/topper.” The topper is a soft, padded layer that adds extra comfort and support.

As with the mattress, there are many options to provide a sleeping surface that appeals to your preferences and budget, she said. Mattress pads are available in memory foam, down (feathers) or a gel-fiber product that simulates down.

“If you’re sensitive or have allergies to down, you can get an allergy-free polyester material that has the weight and loft just like down,” Doll said.

She added that some of the mattress pads, particularly gel-infused memory foam toppers, are designed to wick away moisture and keep your sleeping surface cool.

To keep it plush, the topper should be rotated regularly, just as you would flip your mattress, she added.

From there, consider the sheets you are sleeping on.

“Hotels love to talk about their linens, the high thread count they use,” Doll said.

Sheets are available in a variety of thread counts, different materials, such as Italian or Egyptian cotton, and different finishes, such as twill or sateen, which is smooth.

Many people prefer to purchase sheets that are a blend of cotton and polyester because 100 percent cotton sheets wrinkle easily and the blends come out of the dryer wrinklefree.

“It all depends on what you like and what you can afford,” Doll said.

If you can afford it, she said to select sheets made of Egyptian cotton as it is known as one of the finest grades of cotton in the world. It is known for its quality, strength and softness. Doll recommends purchasing sheets that have a 400-500 thread count as it will “have you sleeping in the lap of luxury for years to come.”

To add layers of luxury as well as warmth and comfort, the next item for your bed would be a duvet or down comforter in a duvet cover or between two flat sheets.

In Las Vegas, where it gets warm at night, Doll suggests getting lighter weight bedding, such as a quilt or bedspread. Although duvets or down comforters are available in myriad weights, they are better for cool weather or “cold hotel rooms.”

In either scenario, you shouldn’t skimp on the toppings or exterior layers, Doll said.

“You’ve got the skeleton of a super comfy bed, so the exterior elements should look the part.”

For an elegant and versatile look, she said the comforter or duvet color should be something light such as ivory, cream, white or gold.

Another important consideration is the type of pillows. Those should be selected by how you prefer to sleep, according to Doll. Back, side and stomach sleepers all require a different amount of firmness in their pillow.

“It is so important to get that pillow, squeeze it and hold it so you know what you’re getting. There is a reason why the whole back wall of our stores is full of different types of bed pillows. It’s not just about price and size,” Doll said.

The final layer, and one that gives it that look of luxury, is a blanket, coverlet or decorative throw at the end of the bed.

“It makes it look like it took a lot of time to make and create a bed,” Doll said.

When purchasing your bedding, Doll said it is important to make sure it is all washable.

“There’s even washable down,” she said. “You can dry clean any kind of natural product.”

Most importantly, Doll said you should always make your bed before heading out for the day’s activities.

“It makes you happier. The idea of undoing it to get ready to go to sleep is like being in a hotel and finding it made perfectly or calling for turn down service so it’s not just how it looks when you got of bed in the morning.”

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