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Literary Las Vegas: Aleza and Howard Freeman

“The Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy” is a book packed with 12 poems and illustrations intended for the young and young at heart. The book is the brainchild of self-described scribbler Aleza Freeman and her doodling husband, Howard. Her background is in journalism and copywriting, and his is in mural art and illustration.

The Las Vegas-based duo plan several more books and a musical soundtrack. The Shel Silversteinish poems range from quirky kid stuff to more adult humor. Easily offended readers may want to stear clear of “Strip Poker,” a poem about a frog, pig, bear and hare who go bare. For more information, visit bigdoodlehead.com.

Excerpt from “The Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy”

Fish Food

First there were three fish

swimming in the tank.

Their names were

Goldie, Gill, and Frank.

They swam in circles,

three scaly buds

hanging out

among the suds.

Then the cat spotted

Goldie through the glass

(Don’t dare describe

what came to pass).

Two fish left

swimming in the fish bowl.

Soon it was Frank

whose bell would toll.

Thought Gill was a goner

when we heard the


But Gill was just fine.

He swims solo now.

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