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Tell us about your father

Do you have the most wonderful father in town? Tell us what makes your dad great in 200 words or fewer. Photos or drawings are welcome, too, but they cannot be returned. We’ll print excerpts from the top submissions in our June 14 edition. Send submissions by mail to Honoring Fathers: View, P.O. Box 70, Las Vegas, NV 89125-0070 or by email to viewcalendars@viewnews.com with Honoring Fathers in the subject line. Please include your ZIP code and contact information. The deadline for submissions is May 23.

HOA CC&Rs contain numerous bizarre restrictions

Perhaps the most misunderstood documents associated with owning a home with a homeowners association are the CC&Rs, the covenants, conditions and restrictions.
This heavy document written in legalese lists in excruciating detail what you can and can’t do on your property. Anecdotal evidence suggests that most folks haven’t really read them.

Warm weather warrants awareness of indoor air

Sealing up the house for summer to save on energy bills can invite harmful contaminants. The University of Nevada’s Cooperative Extension offers tips for maintaining healthy indoor air.

Things to do

The Venetian headliner Rita Rudner is scheduled to host The Animal Foundation’s eighth annual “Best in Show” at 1 p.m. Sunday at The Orleans Arena.

Fighting an HOA no easy task

Many have tried, and most have failed when bringing legal action against their homeowners association.
If a homeowner has a complaint, the first thing he must do is take it up with the board.

Bill restricting HOAs’ fees is in Legislative limbo

A Senate bill that would define how much collection agencies could charge and cap the total at $1,800 is floating around in Legislature limbo.
Democratic Sen. Allison Copening, who represents District 6 in Clark County, introduced Senate Bill 243 on March 16. The bill aims to revise provisions relating to financial obligations in common-interest communities.

Book Briefs

Literary Las Vegas

Local author Deborah Coonts’ “Wanna Get Lucky?” has been named a finalist in the Strong Romantic Elements category of the 2011 RITA awards, a national competition sponsored by Romance Writers of America. Winners will be anounced June 1 at RWA’s national conference.