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Henderson plans to streamline process for business licenses

The city of Henderson hopes to make the process of getting a business license in multiple jurisdictions a little easier. The streamlined program would allow new businesses based in Henderson to obtain their business license through the city of Henderson while indicating what other jurisdicitions, the business plans to operate in.

Steven Kalas: Child should have been told in advance about marriage proposal

I have been divorced for three years, and I have one child from this marriage. My ex-husband has a girlfriend with three children. My child (10 years old) conveyed to me that today my ex-husband proposed (marriage) to his girlfriend. He did it at a public event and in front of (our) son, which made him very upset. He told me about everything on the phone a couple of hours later. He is very upset.

City looks to streamline business license process

The city of Las Vegas is making changes to be more business-friendly, including offering incentives, waiving origination fees and allowing businesses to do more under one license. Many requirements can be completed online.

Things to do in Paradise/Downtown May 22-28

Event highlights this week include the Desert Chorale’s Memorial Day Extravaganza, the Rock of Vegas concert series kicking off with Vince Neil and the awards ceremony for the 12th annual Celebrating Life! fine arts competition.

Dining pick of the week: Stick E Rice

Thai food is known for its balance of the five fundamental taste senses: hot (spicy), sour, sweet, salty and bitter (optional). Yanika Bumroongsawad, owner and executive chef of Stick E Rice, adheres to these harmonies of taste.

Niche ideas prompt new ventures

Las Vegas residents may be recovering from a down economy, but that hasn’t slowed interest in opening businesses, especially downtown.

Get organized before seeking business loans

For those interested in starting a business, financing is among the most important factors. Bank employees recognize the need for small-business financing, which is why they’re willing to work with entrepreneurs in acquiring loans for their ventures.

Area briefing


Aliante HOA works to dispel negative associations

Seven men and women volunteer to govern the Sun City Aliante homeowners association. They also hold the distinction as the first and only HOA board in Nevada to complete the Community Associations Institute’s certification program.