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Assistant Nye County sheriff explains his own arrest

Being arrested by his own sheriff’s department isn’t going to slow down Rick Marshall. A leading candidate to replace Nye County Sheriff Tony DeMeo in November’s election, Marshall held a 30-minute press conference Thursday night to tell his side of the story after returning to work.

Cliven Bundy repeats racist comments in press conference

Rancher Cliven Bundy doubled down Thursday on racist statements he made to the New York Times. Bundy spoke to reporters Thursday afternoon near his ranch in Bunkerville, repeating sentiments that “the Negro community” living in Las Vegas Valley public housing looks like slaves to him.

Racist comments bring harsh criticism of Bundy

Both supporters and detractors of Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy on Thursday harshly criticized racist remarks he made about “the Negro” as he wondered if African-Americans getting government support might be “better off as slaves.”

Cousins line up on opposite sides of cattle dispute

When the first of Cliven Bundy’s cows is removed from federal land 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, conservationists like Terri Robertson will have reason to celebrate. The issue hits home for her. Besides a lifelong connection to the area, Robertson also happens to be Bundy’s cousin.

Gillespie gets relay started to honor officers

Las Vegas Metro Sheriff Douglas Gillespie got the runners started. But he’s not carrying the baton clear to Carson City. A run to honor fallen officers began with Gillespie in the lead on Thursday morning in Las Vegas.

‘BundyFest’ could become a reality

BundyFest, a Nevada festival organized to mock the Bundy ranch “saga,” may or may not actually happen.

High-powered attorney may assist cattle rancher in BLM dispute

Flanked by someone who could be their famous new lawyer, the embattled Bundy family is meeting with nationally known conservative public interest attorney Larry Klayman about possible legal action over the failed federal roundup of its cattle.

Shoshone sisters also couldn’t beat BLM

Mary and Carrie Dann never received a visit from the camouflage cavalry, and I’m not sure whether they would have welcomed the support of armed militia. But the story of the Shoshone sisters is worth revisiting in the wake of recent events at Cliven Bundy’s ranch near Bunkerville.

Walking tour points out UNLV’s ecosexy spots

UNLV got a glimpse Wednesday of the intersection of ecology and sexology with a guided walking tour of campus ecosexy spots. The event included orientation to teach about 15 participants 25 ways to make love to the planet.

Chaos on the range may have left opening for grave robbers

As a noisy livestock dispute unfolded in northeastern Clark County, someone with a shovel decided to disturb the peace of one of Gold Butte’s most restful residents. For more than 50 years, the grave of Arthur Coleman sat undisturbed at the long-abandoned Gold Butte town site. But sometime in the past week or weeks, Coleman’s final resting place was dug up, leaving a deep hole surrounded by pieces of wood and other debris.

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