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Kellyanne Conway says Democrats out to ‘drag down a presidency’

Updated April 22, 2019 - 12:36 pm

WASHINGTON — Senior White House counselor Kellyanne Conway told the Review-Journal on Monday that she sees no indication that Democrats are ready to move on after the release of the Mueller report and predicts that their efforts to “drag down a presidency” will backfire in the 2020 presidential election.

Asked after the White House Easter egg roll whether the White House is prepared to move on and get back to normal, Conway pointed across the aisle in assigning blame for the increasingly combative atmosphere in the capital.

“Do you mean are people going to apologize to the president and those of us connected to the campaign for peddling a lie for two and a half years?” she said. “I think that people who said he couldn’t win wanted to turn around and say he didn’t really win. And somehow (that he) conspired with the Kremlin to cheat, to steal, to lie. And, yes, I could take personal umbrage at that but it doesn’t really matter. Because what matters is that he’s a democratically elected president. He’ll get re-elected because people don’t want to see him get put upon.”

Conway argued that Democrats aren’t moving on.

“They want to do impeachment not infrastructure. They want to drag down a presidency, not drug prices. If they want to talk about a Green New Deal that got zero votes and not growth, then they should do that. Because basically they’re going to hand re-election to him. Have at it. I’ll see you for five more Easter Egg rolls. We’ll have a ball.”

Of the investigation of Russian election interference by special counsel Robert Mueller, Conway said the probe was a waste of time.

“(It) never should have happened in the first place,” she said. “It should have been enough for me, for the president, for others, to say at the highest levels of the campaign, nobody was talking to the Kremlin. Nobody was colluding with Russia. There was no criminal conspiracy. There’s no golden showers. There’s no Michael Cohen in Prague. There’s no Donald Trump telling Michael Cohen what to say. The Buzzfeed article. The McClatchy article. All big lies, which you all retweeted. And I would say, yes, I’m way past it.”

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