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Las Vegas

9 local business groups pump up support for fuel tax measure

Just five days before Election Day, nine local business groups voiced their support for a county ballot measure that would require motorists to pay more at the pump over the next decade to help cover the cost of roughly $3 billion in new transportation projects.

Las Vegas council approves 3-year contract with firefighters

After a hard-fought negotiation, the city of Las Vegas has a new contract with the union representing fire and rescue workers that will cost the city roughly $11.5 million over three years.

Hillary Clinton urges supporters to vote early

Hillary Clinton went on the offensive against Donald Trump at a Wednesday rally in Las Vegas, hoping to squeeze as many votes as possible from Nevada’s early voting period.

Giunchigliani wants separate talks, votes for tax increases for stadium, convention center

When Clark County commissioners convene for their Nov. 15 meeting, they’ll have the option of codifying two hotel room tax increases to fund the upgrade of the Las Vegas Convention Center and the construction of a domed stadium in one fell swoop. But if Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani has her way, commissioners will take their time before raising the tax to finance $750 million in bonds for the $1.9 billion stadium project.

Study: Next president may have to act to keep Colorado River water flowing

A survey of policy- and decision-makers by the University of Colorado concludes that the president who takes office in 2017 could face the prospect of Colorado River water supply cuts to Arizona and Nevada in January 2018.

Vandals egg Donald Trump’s headquarters in Las Vegas

Nevada staff for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump arrived early Sunday to find the exterior of the campaign office and a vehicle parked outside had been hit with eggs.