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Nevada laws in effect Oct. 1 include police use of force, marijuana lounges

Updated October 1, 2021 - 11:42 am

CARSON CITY — The first day of October saw 46 new laws take effect, including those protecting distinctive hairstyles from discrimination, withholding casino winnings from people who owe child support and the authorization of marijuana consumption lounges.

Here’s the full list of new laws:

Business and commerce

Assembly Bill 61: Classifies robocalling and price-gouging during a state of emergency as deceptive trade practices and assigns penalties.

Assembly Bill 359: Requires translation of contracts and other business documents.

Senate Bill 260: Extends existing restrictions on website operators selling a user’s personal data to data brokers.


Assembly Bill 341: Authorizes cannabis consumption lounges.

Civil rights

Assembly Bill 58: Authorizes the attorney general to conduct so-called pattern and practice investigations of state and local agencies accused of discriminatory behavior.

Assembly Bill 157: Allows people to sue if someone calls the police on them based solely on their race, color, religion or other discriminatory reason.

Assembly Bill 207: Classifies online businesses as “places of public accommodation” for purposes of enforcing nondiscrimination.

Senate Bill 327: Adds hairstyles to racially or ethnically distinctive traits protected from discrimination.

Criminal justice

Assembly Bill 143: Expands state services for human trafficking victims.

Assembly Bill 158: Reduces penalties for underage use and possession of marijuana or alcohol.

Assembly Bill 182: Revises the elements of an “advancing prostitution” charge against owners of property where illegal prostitution takes place.

Assembly Bill 214: Revises statutory definition of sexual assault to make it gender neutral. Some sections took effect in July.

Assembly Bill 396: Revises rules for use of deadly force by law enforcement.

Senate Bill 50: Limits issuance of no-knock warrants to law enforcement except to protect the public or a police officer or to prevent destruction of evidence.

Senate Bill 166: Changes felony hate crimes law to allow for perpetrator and victim to be of the same race, gender, national origin or other characteristic.

Senate Bill 212: Limits police use of force and requires use of de-escalation techniques.

Senate Bill 236: Requires police agencies to enact early-warning screening for officers displaying signs of bias or other problem behaviors.


Senate Bill 293: Bans employers from reviewing a prospective employee’s previous pay history to set a salary — aimed at closing gender pay gaps.

Energy and utilities

Senate Bill 283: Authorizes local governments to create commercial property financing programs to support energy efficiency, renewable energy, resiliency or water efficiency improvements.

Government and administration

Assembly Bill 123: Adds $10 to the cost of the Vegas Golden Knights license plate to help support the team’s foundation.

Senate Bill 46: Makes certain public documents, such as deeds and voting records, confidential for employees of the attorney general’s office.

Senate Bill 62: Expands which charitable organizations must register with the state to add those that solicit donations but are not federally tax exempt.

Health and health care

Assembly Bill 190: Allows certain employees to use sick leave for any purpose, including to help an immediate family member with medical needs.

Assembly Bill 436: Makes changes to vision plan requirements with goal of increased competition and lower prices for consumers.

Senate Bill 181: Changes licensing provisions for alcohol and drug counselors to expand addiction treatment providers.

Senate Bill 305: Prohibits discrimination in decisions regarding organ transplants based on a person’s disability.

Senate Bill 364: Requires hospitals and emergency care centers to inform victims of their right to receive emergency contraception and provide it on request.

Homeowners and housing

Assembly Bill 249: Prohibits communities governed by homeowners associations from restricting daily hours for seasonal construction below what is locally authorized.

Senate Bill 311: Authorizes the Nevada Rural Housing Authority to create a for-profit business entity to support affordable housing development.

Inmates and corrections

Senate Bill 387: Requires the Public Utilities Commission to set rules, including rate caps, for inmate calling services.

Local government

Assembly Bill 63: Authorizes local governments to use local natural disaster recovery funds to mitigate the effects of a declared emergency.

Natural resources

Assembly Bill 72: Makes a representative of the Nevada Indian Commission a voting member of the Nevada State Board on Geographic Names.

Assembly Bill 84: Authorizes public-private partnerships to address the threat of catastrophic wildfires and to acquire cameras or other equipment for early warning and detection.

Assembly Bill 85: Authorizes the state quarantine officer to designate any weed noxious regardless of its prevalence and limit the designation by time or location.

Assembly Bill 86: Changes circumstances for holding someone liable for the costs of putting out a wildfire to remove the requirement that the fire threatened human life.

Assembly Bill 101: Allows veterinarians to administer CBD and hemp products to pets.

Assembly Bill 103: Changes rules for digging on private land where a prehistoric Indian burial site is located to allow permitted activity in areas of a property that do not contain a burial site.

Assembly Bill 200: Permits veterinary telemedicine.

Senate Bill 52: Creates a program to award a dark sky designation — where stargazing isn’t affected by lights — to localities, parks, reserves and other state entities. Some sections took effect in May.

Social services

Assembly Bill 406: Withholds casino gambling winnings from people who owe child support.

Traffic and transportation

Assembly Bill 130: Requires insurers to offer uninsured and underinsured vehicle coverage on motorcycle policies.

Assembly Bill 301: Requires towing companies to immediately release a vehicle at no charge if the tow is at a residential complex, involves expired or no registration, and the owner provides evidence of valid registration.

Senate Bill 219: Ends driver license suspensions for nonpayment of fees or fines.

Senate Bill 362: Requires the Clark County Regional Transportation Commission to provide on-call microtransit services.

Senate Bill 383: Set rules for e-bikes, including places of operation, rider age and helmet rules.


Assembly Bill 227: Seeks to ensure that construction industry workers are paid wages in line with their skills and prevents “off the books” work. Various effective dates through Friday.

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