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New study may predict ‘worst case’ climate scenario for Nevada

UNLV researchers took samples from stalagmites in Leviathan Cave revealing one of the hottest and driest periods the state had ever gone through — thousands of years ago. The worry is it could happen again.

Comet NEOWISE thrills stargazers in Las Vegas — PHOTOS

Comet NEOWISE made another appearance on Saturday night across Las Vegas, and for a clearer view, in areas just outside the valley. Saturday night was the last night that the comet was expected to remain visible to the naked eye

5 great spots in Southern Nevada to view comet NEOWISE

The Comet NEOWISE is expected to remain visible to the naked eye through Saturday. For optimal viewing, it’s best to get away from bright city lights.

Las Vegas ozone levels rebound, despite COVID-19 impact

Initial gains in air quality from economic slowdown haven’t persisted, with more days recorded with high ozone pollution so far this year than in 2019, county report says.

Want to see the comet NEOWISE? Here’s how to do it.

NEOWISE is expected to remain visible to the naked eye until Saturday. It will be visible with binoculars or a telescope until the end of July, experts say.

Heat and virus bring a double threat to vulnerable populations

The fear of exposure may prevent some people from seeking the help they need to avoid heat-related illnesses, the Clark County coroner said. Extreme temperatures are expected this weekend.

Nevada’s 32 venomous creatures: Stay safe with these tips

Nevada’s venomous rattlesnakes, Gila monsters and scorpions all can bite or sting. Here are tips to have positive interactions with wildlife in your backyard or hiking.

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