WEEK IN REVIEW: Reporters’ notebook

DURING A ROUNDUP OF WILD BURROS IN BLUE DIAMOND ON WEDNESDAY, Bureau of Land Management officials described the animals as “characters” prone to getting into trouble when they become overly dependent on human contact and handouts.

Bureau spokeswoman Hillerie Patton told the story of one Blue Diamond resident who left his garage door open, only to discover that a burro had come inside and chowed down on a bag of dog food.

But that wasn’t the strange part.

The man also noticed that his ladder was missing.

Patton said the likely culprit was later identified when BLM got a report of a burro wandering around with its head stuck in a ladder.

The animal was eventually freed, but it’s unknown whether the Blue Diamond man ever got his ladder back.


At a meeting of the Regional Transportation Commission, several bus drivers and paratransit drivers were honored for doing outstanding work. Each of them shook hands with board members, posed for pictures and spoke a few words. When it was driver Ernie Reichley’s turn to speak, he beamed.

“This was an honor; thank you,” he said. “And meeting Jerry Tarkanian’s wife was an honor.”

Board member Lois Tarkanian, a Las Vegas city councilwoman, smiled politely, but she couldn’t hide the Here We Go Again look on her face.


TWEET OF THE WEEK: @VegasLangford (criminal defense attorney Robert Langford) – Romney refuses to release his Tax Returns because he is really much better off now than he was four years ago, and that’s just embarrassing!

BONUS TWEET: @CougCenter (blog for fans of the Washington State Cougars, who played UNLV in football Friday night) – Flights to Vegas weren’t prepared for WSU fans. Many ran out of alcohol – and fast.

BONUS BONUS TWEET: @Longballj (Cougars fan Shane Johnson) I propose an away and away deal with unlv.

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