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This is the best we can do when it come to running the country?

The United States now has a population of 300 million-plus people. Are the “front-runner” candidates of both parties for president the best we can do out of 300 million? That is a very sad commentary on our times. In addition, candidates running for both houses of Congress are little better, being mostly interested in getting themselves re-elected.

I was hoping to be able to support a presidential candidate along with members of Congress, rather than just try to choose the lesser of several evils. But with each succeeding federal election that hope is fading fast.

Jack Corrick

Boulder City

GOP spat

The in-fighting between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is handing the election to Hillary Clinton on a silver platter. Despite all her faults, lies, poor judgment and lack of any accomplishments in all the positions she has held, her followers see her as a saint and/or will support her because she is a woman. If and when Mr. Trump attacks her, she will become a professional victim and play the gender card. We know how well her dog bark was received. Wait until she starts crying.

Instead of fighting each other, Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz should be attacking Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. The only level-headed appearing candidate is John Kasich. He has the best resume, but few followers. Compared to all the other candidates, he is too low-key.

If Mr. Trump and Sen. Cruz don’t pull back their bickering, Hillary will crush them. Even those who cannot stand her will vote for her or stay home. She comes across most of the time as dignified and ladylike, no matter what blather comes out of her mouth.

I think Donald Trump might be just what the country needs, but to win he will have to do a 180-degree turn: stop insulting potential voters, give carefully scripted speeches and woo women and minorities. He does have a charming side, which he should display. He is also very generous, which he keeps a secret.

Sen. Cruz might also be good but he has alienated everyone in his party in the Senate and might have trouble getting anything passed.

Unless things change, Hillary Clinton will be the next president.

Adelle Gersten

Las Vegas

Traffic policing

Why are fatal accidents on the rise? Why are people exceeding the speed limits more and more? Why are people running more and more red lights and stop signs? The common sense answer: There is no traffic policing whatsoever going on in the outlying areas of Las Vegas.

How about using traffic cameras installed in intersections to assist? They would pay for themselves in about two weeks and probably tenfold after a month. With the extra income from these traffic cameras, local police would be able to hire extra officers to perform traffic-related policing.

For the individual’s crying foul about privacy violations, you have no expectation of privacy on public streets or highways. We owe it to our families and other to try to save lives.

Phil Merz

North Las Vegas

Auto insurance

Somebody should sue all the auto insurance companies for false advertising. They claim to save you between $300 to $500 or 15 percent on the cost of auto insurance. I have called every company that advertises on television and not one can save me what their advertisements claim.

As a matter of fact, every one was more expensive than the insurance I have now. I don’t know where these companies get their numbers. You can try it yourself.

It appears to me that auto insurance, while we have to have it, is a legalized racket. These savings are non-existent.

Gary Hansen


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