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Courtyards act as transitions between indoors, outdoors

Dear Gail: We live in an older neighborhood on a nice quiet street. We have a very large front yard and were thinking about adding a courtyard. We entertain a lot and want to have additional places for our guests to mingle. What are your thoughts on a front courtyard? As well as any decorating suggestions? — Dustin

Waxleaf privet should have more than one drip emitter

Q: I purchased a few waxleaf privet plants in February. They were planted in my yard using drip irrigation with one drip emitter per plant for about one month now. I am starting to see some black markings and yellowing on the leaves. I also think there may be some root rot, but I am unsure.

Senior wins top prize in iChoose to Drive competition

West Career and Technical Academy senior Briana Virella won the annual iChoose to Drive contest and was awarded a check for $2,000 from Findlay Automotive Group during a ceremony present on the campus March 29. The money will serve her well as she moves on to college next year.

Rare frog finds home at Springs Preserve in Las Vegas

Dozens of rare relict leopard frogs were set free Thursday in their new urban habitat at the Springs Preserve, part of the effort to revive the species thought to be extinct along the Virgin and Colorado rivers before it was discovered anew near Lake Mead in 1991.

Bill to end executions in Nevada falls short

Lawmakers took the executioner’s sword to bills that would have banned the death penalty in the state, let police issue tickets with automated red-light cameras, and more as a key deadline for bills came and went Friday night.

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