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Singing the Kozmic Blues

Behind Michelle Rohl’s embodiment of Janis Joplin is the story of her own legendary life in Vegas rock

The Meanings of My Marathon

A writer-runner chases wellness by the mile, and wonders where it’s taking him

How Sports Redrew the City

From Thomas Mack to T-Mobile to Allegiant and beyond, how sports arenas have transformed the shape of Las Vegas.

A Safe Space for Violence

It’s rare for the champ of any wrestling league to be a woman. It’s rarer still for her to be openly pansexual. Taking things even further on the rare-o-meter: She’s competing against a man in the main event.

In the Shadows of Our Fallen Architecture

From the Sands to the Dunes, an architect-artist communes with the ghosts of Las Vegas’ imploded hotels

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