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Improving family connections with better hearing

(BPT) – Does this sound familiar? You tell your spouse all about the aggravating thing that happened at work today. He or she seems to be nodding in agreement, until you ask what you should do about the situation. Your spouse’s response? “Um – could you repeat that?”

Beyond the emotional impact hearing loss has on you, there is the toll it takes on others in your life. Those who care about you would probably make allowances for your hearing loss, but if they don’t know it’s an issue, your seeming inattention quickly becomes grating.

By trying to hide your condition, you only succeed in making family members not want to talk to you anymore. This can quickly escalate to your spouse making important decisions without your input, extended family not inviting you to events, and children not calling. Soon you may find yourself alone in an increasingly silent world.

Ask yourself the following to learn if you should be concerned:

* Are you getting fewer invitations to go to family events?

* Do your children go to their other parent for advice?

* Does your spouse seem aggravated with you frequently for seemingly no reason?

* Are you being passed up for promotions, raises or other kudos at work?

* Does your family complain about the volume level of your TV?

* Have you stopped participating in the sports and hobbies you used to enjoy?

If so, it may be time to get your hearing checked. If you already know you aren’t hearing as well as you used to, then it is probably time to buy a pair of hearing aids.

Next steps

The first step is to contact a hearing care professional who can assess your hearing loss and make recommendations for treatment.

If you have hearing loss, you will probably be advised to purchase hearing aids. The good news is the advances in hearing aid technology will surprise you. Be sure to ask your hearing care professional about the latest options, such as:

* Virtually invisible hearing aids so that no one but you and those closest to you will know why your hearing has vastly improved.

* Robust waterproof, dustproof, shock-resistant hearing aids (like Siemens Aquaris (R)) that let you fully participate in sports and other events with family and friends.

* Remote controls and streamers for hearing aids that let you control the volume and listen to TV and audio devices without disturbing other listeners.

Once you can hear everyone, family, friends and business associates will no doubt welcome you back as an active and engaged participant in their lives.

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