If given choice, media prefers Canelo-GGG over Floyd-Conor circus

Updated May 19, 2017 - 7:30 pm

R-J sports columnist Ed Graney presented the following local and national media members with this scenario:

If you could watch just one fight — Canelo Alvarez against Gennady Golovkin or Floyd Mayweather Jr. against Conor McGregor — which would you pick?

One hook: You could never watch the other fight. Ever. Not via recording or in any rematch form.

Here are their answers:

Kevin Bolinger, Fox 5 Vegas: Canelo-GGG

Much more action from two fighters in their prime. The fun in Floyd-Conor would be in the buildup, not the fight itself.

Steve Carp, Review-Journal: Canelo-GGG

If they fight at middleweight instead of a catchweight, it makes it even better. Mayweather vs. McGregor smacks of pro wrestling. It’s a gimmick and, at 60, I’m too old to be taken in by gimmickry.

Steve Cofield, ESPN Radio: Mayweather-McGregor

A one-time spectacle. The enormity of the prefight promotion will be the biggest we’ve seen in sports. McGregor is the best trash talker we’ve seen since Muhammad Ali. The fight itself? It’s the bull vs. the matador. If the bull lands a big shot, he could finish it. He won’t. The nimble matador’s sword will land multiple times.

Tim Dahlberg, The Associated Press: Canelo-GGG

I normally would not use Floyd’s name in the same sentence as Muhammad Ali, but would you rather watch Ali-Frazier or Ali-Inoki? Canelo-GGG is a real fight. Mayweather-McGregor is a freak show for entertainment purposes only, and even those would be limited.

Amber Dixon, KSNV News 3: Canelo-GGG

The outcome of Mayweather vs. McGregor in a boxing match is far too predictable: Mayweather will toy with McGregor, not hurt him and win a unanimous decision. Canelo-GGG are two of the best in their sport and will present each other significant challenges.

Heidi Fang, Review-Journal: Mayweather-McGregor

In its early phases, mixed martial arts was a spectacle sport. Even though MMA is no longer that, Conor against Floyd would be a fight to gawk at. I can’t help but wonder what would happen if MMA’s top draw faces boxing’s top draw.

Adam Hill, Review-Journal: Mayweather-McGregor

Obviously, Canelo-GGG is a way better event in terms of skill and competitiveness. I just can’t imagine a more entertaining spectacle than news conferences with Conor and Floyd, followed by a complete and total mismatch once the bell rings when someone who has never boxed takes on the best boxer in the world.

Kevin Iole, Yahoo Sports: Canelo-GGG

No question. It’s a fight between two of the five or six best boxers in the world. Floyd vs. Conor is a carnival sideshow and not competitive, whether it’s a boxing match or an MMA fight.

Chris Maathuis, KLAS-8 News: Mayweather-McGregor

The hype would be unmatched, and I wouldn’t want to miss a second of the prefight tour. A sideshow like we’ve ever seen before.

Gilbert Manzano, Review-Journal: Canelo-GGG

No brainer. It’s a guaranteed slugfest between two power punchers. Boxing fans already got a glimpse of a potential Mayweather vs. McGregor bout when Canelo outclassed Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. All hype, guaranteed letdown.

Rob Miech, author, “Of Cowards and True Men”: Canelo-GGG

A millionth of a second to deliberate. It will be a true fight, authentic, hotly anticipated. That other thing will be like Iron Mike Tyson participating in a rasslin’ event far past his prime, a novelty, shtick … it should also include clowns on stilts and dancing bears.

Mitch Moss, VSiN: Canelo-GGG

On a scale of 1 to 100, my interest level in a Floyd-Conor fight is negative-50. It’s an exhibition. The fight should never be made, and it’s an embarrassment if the Nevada Athletic Commission allows it.

Brett Okamoto, ESPN: Mayweather-McGregor

You’re basically forced to say this, even if you don’t want to. It’s not just a fight, it’s a moment in history. So, I guess I would reluctantly say Mayweather vs. McGregor with an asterisk that says I know Canelo-GGG would be a far more compelling fight.

Lance Pugmire, Los Angeles Times: Canelo-GGG

Best boxing match of the year. Floyd-Conor is a novelty. The entertainment value would be the verbal back-and-forth, not the action in the ring.

Dan Wetzel, Yahoo Sports: Canelo-GGG

One is sport. One is spectacle. From bell to finish? Canelo-GGG, of course. While I’d like to pretend I’m better than this, I’m a sucker for the circus. The PPV numbers (for Mayweather-McGregor) would prove I’m not alone.

Mark Whicker, SCNG Newspapers: Canelo-GGG

As Golovkin himself said, “This is the real fight, (Mayweather-McGregor) is funny show.” One is for something real, the other is Barnum & Bailey.

Matt Youmans, VSiN: Canelo-GGG

We already know the result of the circus promotion — Mayweather by decision — so I’ll go with Canelo-GGG. Both boxers will be throwing big shots in a much more competitive fight.

Final tally: Canelo-GGG 12, Mayweather-McGregor 5.

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