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Barbara Holland

Barbara Holland is a certified property manager, broker and supervisory certified association manager. Questions may be sent to holland744o@gmail.com.

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HOA rejects request for satellite antenna

As for condominium associations, owners can install an antenna on balcony or patio if the patio or balcony is a limited common element, restricted for the owner’s exclusive use. Again, installation rules would be permissible and may require that the owner cover the antenna as long as such a requirement does not impair an owner’s ability to receive a signal or unreasonably delay or increase the cost of installation, maintenance or use.

FHA approval provides many advantanges

To obtain FHA approval does require some paperwork. The board would have to place this issue on an agenda and approve it, instructing the management company to pursue the action item.

Makes sense HOA should follow dog breed laws

Please note, that for some associations the prohibition of certain dogs, such as pit bulls, are found in their covenants, conditions and restrictions, which would require a vote of the membership to amend this section of their governing documents.

Homeowner fights HOA over RV parking

The association should consider a revision in its rules, assuming the current regulation is not in the covenants, conditions and restrictions, which would allow a homeowner reasonable time to load and unload an RV. For many associations, their regulations allow 24 hours.

Roof rats are a problem

My wife and I live in a homeowners association duplex community. We now have roof rats in our crawl space. I’m sure we are liable to have the exterminator get rid of them.

Inexperienced HOA board can cause damage

You have a number of concerns. The first being the lack of experience of the current board of directors. Unfortunately, we do have a problem as too many qualified homeowners do not wish to serve on the board. We have to ask the question, why? For some homeowners, it is a matter of time; for others, it is a thankless volunteer job. Associations that are having problems finding homeowners to serve should review how they operate. In some cases, modifications of board meetings to make them more meaningful and less stressful would be a big start.

HOA improves clubhouse with out vote

As to the removing of the fireplace within the clubhouse without homeowner approval, you would need to review the association’s covenants, conditions and restrictions. As a general rule of thumb, community rules would require homeowners approval to change of one of the amenities.

Homeowner interferes with vendors

There is no excuse for racially, inappropriate comments by anyone, be it directors, residents, vendors or managers. In your case, the association’s legal counsel should be contacted. Besides the inappropriate comments, this homeowner should not be interfering with the association’s contractors.

Community a bit heavy-handed in its towing policy

This is not the first time a reader has stated to me that the towing company or the management company has informed them that a parking sticker placed on their vehicle is good for six months. Meaning, the towing company could tow a vehicle with no further notice if there were another infraction within a six months’ period.

State will appoint a receiver if board resigns

If the president resigns and if there are no other homeowners willing to serve, the Nevada Real Estate Division would appoint a receiver to manage the association who in turn would select a management company to manage the association until that time the association has recovered from the resignations.

Tips for a safe HOA Halloween

It’s that time of year again, and anyone who knows me, knows I love Halloween. Here are some tips for your homeowners association for a safe night of fun.

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