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Esports and Video Gaming

Nevada video-game industry growing, report says

The video game industry is picking up speed in Nevada, a new report from the Entertainment Software Association shows.

New alliance aims to make Nevada esports hub

A group of businesses, advocates and academics have formed an association focused on advancing the development of Nevada as a global hub for esports.

E-sports on track to become $1B industry

Less than two decades ago, e-sports consisted of a few dozen elite gamers gathering in warehouses to compete for modest-at-best prizes. Today, e-sports has climbed out of basements and warehouses and onto major cable networks and is on the verge of becoming a $1 billion industry.

Las Vegas sports book to take first-ever wagers on e-sports

A Las Vegas sports book will take the first-ever wagers on an e-sports competition this weekend thanks to a quick administrative approval by the chairman of the state Gaming Control Board.

Nevada gaming policy panel urges new rules on e-sports

The Nevada Gaming Policy Committee has asked the state’s gaming regulators to develop a new set of rules to oversee wagering on competitive video games known as e-sports.

Conferees get first look at Las Vegas e-sports arena

About 200 people attending a two-day conference on the business side of wildly popular e-sports competitions got the first look at the 15,000-square-foot arena space under construction at downtown’s Neonopolis.

Jellyfish serves up something special for Gordon Ramsay

A jellyfish stung the “(expletive) hell” out of the sex organ of Vegas celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay while he was vacationing with his family in Sardinia, but he’s recovered, says London’s Daily Star newspaper.