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30 money habits essential for your life

Just like with your physical health, your financial health depends on the daily decisions you make every day. While healthy habits such as eating better and exercising keep you fit, certain money habits can keep you financially comfortable and help you establish wealth.

10 signs of a toxic workplace that should not be tolerated

If there’s no structure in place for you to get feedback on your job performance — or if you seek it out and you’re denied — this is a major sign of a bad workplace.

New grant for Black Americans offers free money for a first home

A Chase spokesperson told GOBankingRates that the latest grant expansion is part of Chase’s $30 billion Path Forward commitment announced last year to help close the racial wealth gap.

40 money secrets divorce attorneys know

From divvying up assets to claiming your children on your taxes, the path from wedded bliss to peaceful divorce can be a long one. But these experts can help you on your journey and ensure you don’t lose money in the separation.

Make cash while decluttering your house

Whether you’re just trying to make a fresh start or you’re literally crowded out by stuff that no longer serves you, it’s a great time to declutter — especially if you can do it in a way that earns you money.

Adjust your money priorities for more COVID-19 restrictions

What you might not realize is you can enjoy a fresh start to the new year while continuing to quarantine. Read on for tips to stay healthy and entertained at home, without putting too much strain on your bank account.

History of skyrocketing Super Bowl ad spending

The actual cost for a 30-second ad for Super Bowl LV between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers is $5.6 million.

Life in debt: 23 reasons you will always be poor

Many Americans face a slew of financial burdens, from high costs of living and healthcare expenses to taxes and college tuition. And for some people, these countless burdens can make it seem like they’ll always be poor — or at least “poor” by their standards.

Here’s what you must report to avoid an IRS audit

Unless you can point to a tax code section that states that certain income isn’t included in your taxable income, the income is considered taxable.

File your tax return early to get your refund faster

Discover how to make sure your tax return is at the front of the line when the IRS opens its doors so that you can put your refund to work for you sooner.

My credit card was a big money leak — how I stopped drowning

As an advocate for debt-free living, you might guess that I would be totally against credit cards. You would be correct — I am. But only if you can’t use one responsibly.

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