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200 military discounts for active duty, retirees and more

There is no concrete way for American civilians to offer proper thanks to the servicemen and servicewomen who put their lives on the line to protect the interests of the country they serve, but many stores and consumer brands try their best to show gratitude by offering discounts.

50 last-minute Halloween costumes that anyone can DIY

Halloween is just around the corner, and waiting in the shadows is that terrifying moment when you realize you don’t have a costume. Never fear, because creating a unique last-minute Halloween costume is easier — and cheaper — than you think.

Where lost, unclaimed baggage goes to be resold

The store that answers the question “What happens to lost luggage that never gets found?” also happens to be a great place to go bargain shopping online.

11 everyday items to recycle for money

By diverting certain items from the waste stream and keeping them out of landfills, you can also make extra money or help out worthy causes.

14 smart ways to fight soaring price inflation

If you’re looking to stabilize your rising costs, you’re going to have to think a bit differently about the way you shop.

Sharing a Netflix password? It could cost you.

If you have a family member, friend or ex-partner still using your Netflix login, now may be the time to cut them off.

Can Mark Cuban’s pharmacy save you money on prescriptions?

Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and “Shark Tank” star, has a new online pharmacy that could make your prescription medications more affordable.

How to negotiate rent with 5 genius tactics

In this post, we get into the nuts and bolts of doing just that, even in these dizzying times.

How to avoid student loan forgiveness scams

For many of us, the idea of cutting down our massive student loan debt at the snap of a finger can be an enticing idea.

2022 Tax Day freebies and deals

We’ve scoured the internet to figure out what companies are offering deals, discounts and freebies on Tax Day this year. Every little bit helps, right?

Fed interest rate increase: How it might affect you

In general, a rate increase is good for savers and we may see some drops in prices of consumer goods. But the hike is not so fabulous for borrowers who will see mortgage and credit card rates jump.

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