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Yucca Mountain

Coverage and some historical stories of Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository project.
Perry backs Yucca Mountain, proposes an interim waste storage site in Nevada

Energy Secretary Rick Perry defended a $28 billion budget proposal Tuesday, citing the need for $120 million to restart licensing of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste project and develop interim storage that could include the Nevada National Security Site.

Bill to expedite Yucca Mountain licensing clears 1st hurdle

A bill to expedite the licensing and development of Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site in Nevada was passed by a subcommittee on Thursday, clearing the first hurdle for legislation expected to be taken up in the House this year.

Nevada has science edge if Yucca Mountain licensing resumes

The Department of Energy’s Yucca Mountain program was defunded and dismantled under President Barack Obama, leaving only a handful of scientists from the hundreds who once worked on the project.

Ruling keeps Yucca Mountain alive

The Yucca Mountain nuclear waste plan was kept alive Tuesday when a panel of judges ruled the Obama administration does not have the authority to withdraw the project without permission from Congress.

UNLV researchers seeking ways to reprocess nuclear fuel

With Albert Einstein’s “research” quote glued to the laboratory door, a team of radio­chemistry researchers routinely goes about its work at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in hopes that someday they really will know what they have done and if it will make a difference.

Energy Department pulls water applications for Yucca rail line

In what is the strongest indication to date that it will abandon the Yucca Mountain Project, the Department of Energy on Tuesday withdrew 116 water applications it had filed with the State Engineer for building a rail line to haul nuclear waste to the mountain from Caliente.

Yucca’s 625 workers face uncertain futures

Chains holding the white Department of Energy flag creaked against the flagpole in the gentle breeze and sent an eerie sound across the half-filled parking lot at the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste project Tuesday.

Yucca application filed on Inauguration Day

While the Obama administration has been pursuing a course to kill the Yucca Mountain Project, the Department of Energy has been quietly forging ahead with its plan to obtain water rights for building a rail line across rural Nevada to haul the nation’s highly radioactive waste for burial in the mountain.

Nevadans criticize plan to ship waste

The Department of Energy’s plan for hauling nuclear waste across the nation to a proposed repository at Yucca Mountain is a brush job at best, Nevada officials who are reviewing the document said this week.