Tips for creating a greener outdoor living space

Outdoor living spaces remain a popular home improvement, but while you're planning your patio or prepping your planting beds do you consider the impact these improvements might have on the environment? Creating a great outdoor space can be even more satisfying when you take steps to make your project as "green" as possible.

Give your home a true green cleaning this spring

When you clean your house in the spring, you really want it to be clean. Dirt, dust and germs are banned, and all appliances, floors and walls are scrubbed clean. The best way to make sure your living space is clean and healthy is to use safe, natural cleaning products you create yourself, using natural and inexpensive ingredients you can pick up at any natural grocery store.

Go green and save on heating with pellets

We've all been bombarded with the buzzwords: eco-friendly, renewable, green, sustainable - the list goes on. We turn off the lights, recycle and even swing by the local farmers market, but what else can we do? Are there any other practical solutions to help our environment? Maybe some that don't require solar panels or spending a bundle on a new hybrid car? Tiny pellets may be the answer.

Holiday tips on lightening your environmental footprint

Americans generate about 25 percent more waste than usual - an extra million tons - between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. That's a lot of garbage. If you typically strive to tread lightly on the Earth, you don't necessarily have to abandon your green lifestyle to enjoy the festivities. Consider these simple steps when giving thanks, giving gifts and ringing in the new year.

Four ways to drought-proof your yard

The past few years have not been kind to lawns and gardens across the country. The summer of 2012 brought severe drought to much of the Midwest and a good portion of the country continues to experience drought conditions. Homeowners have two choices in dealing with drought: try to water enough to keep grass and plants alive and looking good, or implement long-term changes to make yards more resistant to extremely dry and hot spells.

Resolving to be green in 2013

It's that time of year again, when many Americans resolve to lose weight, get out of debt and spend more time with family and friends. Many Americans also plan to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle in the coming years - so they are looking for simple steps to help the environment, according to a recent national survey.

How to 'green' your home in 48 hours

Our lives are more hectic than ever. With everyday maintenance tasks depleting your free time, you may think it's impossible to fit in bigger home improvement projects. It's time to change your mindset and re-evaluate your home improvement to-do list.

Gas-saving holiday travel tips

The holidays are for giving, but with all the driving around for shopping, parties and family events, you may end up giving more at the gas station due to Grinch-like fuel costs. Holiday jeer can quickly become holiday cheer, though, by simply practicing some gas-saving tips.