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Raiders’ pick Trayvon Mullen on his Clemson teammate Clelin Ferrell

The Oakland Raiders selected Clemson cornerback Trayvon Mullen with the no. 40 overall pick in the second round. Mullen says his teammate Clelin Ferrell’s work ethic is unparalleled. (Heidi Fang / Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Sports on TV in Las Vegas

Here’s today’s local and national sports schedule, including television and radio listings.

LETTER: Do Nevada lawmakers live in the real world?

Does Assemblywoman Leslie Cohen, sponsor of Assembly Bill 380, know anything about natural gas? Suppose we ban natural gas in Nevada. What would happen?

LETTER: Carbon tax, free market are the best regulators

Your editorial criticizing Assembly Bill 380, which aims to reduce the amount of natural gas Nevadans use, misses the better way of regulating greenhouse gas emissions: the free market.

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Wealthy and woke

Wokeness is not really about fairness for minorities, the oppressed and the poor, past or present.

CARTOON: Deadly consequences

Guns have been around since the beginning of our nation’s founding but mass shootings are a predominantly contemporary development.