Eddie Clemons has 23 years in at Findlay RV

Native Nevadan Eddie Clemons walked into Saturn of West Sahara looking for a job in 1991. Longtime fellow Las Vegan and dealership service manager Bob Williams took Clemons’ resume and the rest is history.

Echoing a story duplicated by so many others who have been with Findlay Automotive Group for long periods of time, the 45-year-old Clemons is celebrating 23 years with one of Nevada’s largest independently owned businesses.

An admitted jack-of-all trades at Findlay RV at 4530 Boulder Highway, Clemons is part of the fast-paced world of recreational vehicles.

“The atmosphere here keeps me here,” said Clemons, who loves to travel during his time off. “When it’s time for a getaway, I will go to San Francisco, Lake Tahoe and up to St. George, Utah, or down to Sedona in Arizona.

“I think my favorite trip, though, is to Zion National Park in Southern Utah. This year I’m going to Chicago in July.”

However, no matter where Clemons goes, he always returns to Findlay RV.

“This is a great place to work,” he said. “I try to assist everyone and I really love helping people. Whenever you help out someone, there is a special feeling that you find with teamwork.”

Clemons’ job is certainly multifaceted. He must be on his toes at all times.

“I get the coaches prepped up for the photos on the website,” said Clemons of one of his many gigs at the dealership. “When one of our sales consultants sells an RV, I’m the guy who gets it ready whether it’s filling it with gas or propane or whatever else might be needed.

“Once a sale is completed, it’s my job to get the delivery complete. I love the challenge and really get a kick out of seeing everything come together.”

Another important responsibility is the fact that Clemons sets up RV units at various off-site sales across the Las Vegas Valley.

Clemons’ service with Findlay Automotive Group has included stints with other company dealerships including Cadillac, Oldsmobile and Subaru.

“I cannot say enough about Pete Findlay,” said Clemons, who worked for the founder of Findlay Automotive Group at the Oldsmobile dealership on Boulder Highway from 1993-1996. “Pete was a wonderful person and he treated us all with great respect. He expected a good day’s work out of us, but he was the fairest person you could find.”

John Taylor, who has worked for Findlay Automotive Group for 26 years, praised Clemons.

“In all of my years in the car business, I have never seen such a professional lot supervisor and go-to guy who can get anything done that you ask him to do,” Taylor said.

Findlay RV is headed by General Manager Reuben Figueroa. For more information, call 702-435-2500 or visit www.findlayrv.com.