Las Vegas woman loses Ford Escort in flood last summer; buys Focus

Rosalyn Blanchette was returning from an outing with friends last summer in her 1998 Ford Escort when she suddenly found herself in the middle of a flash flood on North Decatur Boulevard Aug. 25.

The Escort took on water and was totaled by her insurance before the 13-year resident of Las Vegas headed for Friendly Ford for the purchase of a 2014 Ford Focus.

“I have been a loyal Ford owner since 1986,” Blanchette said. “So when my Escort was totaled out in the flood, I checked around at several dealerships while waiting on the insurance money.

“I ended up at Friendly Ford where I was really impressed with the Focus. After shopping at other dealerships, I came back to Friendly Ford. I really don’t like sales pressure anyway and I found no pressure at Friendly Ford. In fact, one other woman who was also stuck in the flood had her car towed to Friendly Ford to have the car fixed and ended buying another Ford.

“The people at the dealership treated me well and let me make my own decision. I hadn’t had a car payment for 11 years and I really didn’t want to get one again.”

The Focus has many amenities that impressed Blanchette, who bought the vehicle only a week after the flood.

“The price fit my budget,” she said. “I’m very comfortable driving the Focus. It drives very well on the road and I feel safe. In addition, it has an excellent interior.”

After driving the vehicle for 4,000 miles, Blanchette knows first-hand about the excellent fuel mileage in the vehicle that is powered by a four-cylinder, 180 horsepower engine.”

“It averages 29 miles to the gallon in the city,” she said. “That’s with the air conditioning running during the summer, too.”

Friendly Ford sales consultant Taylor Warf said the Focus is a big seller at the dealership. In fact, he also serves as the dealership trainer.

“The Focus is the No. 1 selling car in the world,” said Warf, a 25-year-old native Las Vegan who is also a former paramedic. “The car is based on a global platform meaning it is the same vehicle all over the world. It includes the same engineering all over the world and it’s a vehicle that saw engineers from all over the world insight into its design.

“I never worry about my customers when I sell them a Ford anyway, and I feel especially comfortable selling a Focus. Everyone is very impressed with the new technology of the Focus and the safety ratings of the car are unbelievable.”

Headed by General Manager Jason Davis, Friendly Ford is situated at 666 N. Decatur Blvd. The dealership is now 44 years old.

Further information can be found by calling 702-870-7221 or by visiting www.friendlyfordlv.com.