Lexus courtesy driver knows how to get around the valley

Lexus owners who bring their vehicles to Lexus of Henderson for service sooner or later will meet Jerry Gowen. He’s the distinguished-looking, white-haired, mustachioed gentleman available to drive you home, shuttle you back to the dealership, pick up your car for service and deliver it when repairs are completed.

Gowen has been working for Lexus since February 2007, originally at Lexus of Las Vegas and moving to Lexus of Henderson when the dealership opened in 2010. Having spent 42 years as an auto parts salesman with companies that included Gates belts, Carter carburetors and piston manufacturer McQuay-Norris, Gowen and his wife moved to Sun City Anthem in October 2006 from Garden Grove, Calif.

“After getting settled in our house I asked myself one morning, ‘What I’m I going to do now?’ ” Gowen said. “My wife said, ‘Why don’t you answer this ad at Lexus.’”

Gowen did and said he was impressed with the friendliness of the people at Lexus and how encouraging Niki Michael, the human resources director, was during his initial interview. He immediately decided that the courtesy driving job was a right fit for him since he was retired.

“I didn’t know one end of Las Vegas from another when I started this job,” Gowen said. “Now I can just about be a cabdriver. This gives me a reason to get up in the morning. I take people to work and home and 99 percent of the people I meet are fun and easy to talk to. The hours are nice too (7 a.m. to 1 p.m.).”

Gowen said he prides himself on working at Lexus of Henderson. He’s picked up and delivered customers’ vehicles not only throughout the Las Vegas Valley but in Laughlin and Mesquite, St. George, Utah; Kingman, Ariz.; and, on rare occasions, Lake Havasu, Ariz.

“No other car company delivers service like Lexus,” Gowen said. “Lexus is the best car on the road and it’s fun to drive, so I don’t consider my job a job.

“I get to drive a brand-new Lexus every day as a shuttle and I get to visit some pretty spectacular homes. Not bad for someone born and raised on a farm that didn’t have electricity or running water.”

The dealership is at the Valley Auto Mall, 7736 Eastgate Road in Henderson. For more information, call 702-228-7736 or visit