Numerous options, high gas mileage define Mazda CX7 crossover

As a happy Mazda customer for five years, Las Vegas claims analyst Karen Stevens did not hesitate to replace her old Mazda 6 with a 2010 Mazda CX7 from Centennial Mazda in the northwest valley.

"I needed a bigger car after my other Mazda because I needed something to haul belongings with," said Stevens, a four-year resident of Las Vegas. "I had absolutely no problems whatsoever in five years with my other Mazda, so I came to Centennial Mazda for my new vehicle."

The list of standard amenities is extensive and made the purchase even easier.

The car came with Bluetooth capability, heated seats, rear-view camera, a Tiptronic four-cylinder 220-horsepower engine with an automatic transmission, an informational dashboard system with fuel efficiency estimates, maintenance messages, sunroof, a hookup for an MP3 player and an awesome sound system with six-disc CD changer.

In addition, the CX7 crossover gets 28 miles per gallon.

"One of my biggest concerns was the ability to get good gas mileage and we get excellent gas mileage with this car," Stevens said.

Also, the car's comfort is very important.

"The car also has lumbar support seats which is especially important because my husband and I both have bad backs," Stevens said. "As soon as I pumped up the lumbar, I instantly could tell the difference with my back."

Stevens said the Mazda's power "is surprisingly fast. We're planning a long road trip next month to a beach in California. I can't wait to drive the car on the open highway."

Stevens said the car buying experience was "awesome" adding, "It was the best car-buying experience ever. I was in and out of the dealership in two hours. They treated our family very well. I will definitely refer others to Centennial Mazda."

Centennial Mazda, which is headed by general manager Jan Scheinfeld, was added to the Staluppi Automotive Group umbrella of dealership about two weeks ago.

"Everyone loves the Mazda car-buying experience with us," said Scheinfeld. "It's a different feeling here and the Mazda buying experience is something that people should experience."

Staluppi Automotive includes a total of five dealerships in Southern Nevada and more than 26 dealerships nationwide.

Further information can be found by calling 784-1104 or visiting