Lienholder: Live long and pay up

If only "Star Trek: The Experience" had been created in a holodeck, the Las Vegas Hilton might have avoided a construction lien.

Unfortunately the attraction was made from wood, plastic and other materials that cost money to remove, unlike the lifelike scenes generated by computer in the holodeck on the Enterprise, the spaceship in the science fiction television series, that appeared and disappeared instantly and on command.

The Las Vegas construction company that removed hardware from "Star Trek: The Experience" and restored the space has placed a lien against the Hilton over claims it wasn't paid for the work.

According to documents in district court in Clark County, Quality Choice Construction says it is owed nearly $523,000.

In two separate filings the company says Cedar Fair Entertainment Co., former operators of the attraction, and Rohit Joshi, the Neonopolis developer who intends to install the exhibit downtown, were supposed to pay for the project.

A lawyer for Quality Choice says the liens were placed against the Hilton because the property benefited from the work.

"We did the work, we didn't get paid, we have a lien against the property until we get paid," attorney Bruce Willoughby said.

A representative for Cedar Fair wasn't available for comment late Monday.

Joshi says the lawsuit is a billing dispute that will be resolved and won't stop or slow his plans to install "Star Trek: The Experience" at Neonopolis.

The Experience had an 11-year run at the Hilton that ended Sept. 1. Later that year, Joshi revealed an agreement to revive the attraction at Neonopolis. Joshi says a new version of the attraction could open in 2010.

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