Ephron gets personal in 'Loose Diamonds'

You never know what to expect when you live in the pseudo-fantasy world of Beverly Hills. But through her imaginative writing skills, author Amy Ephron does her best to give readers a little glimpse at the glitz, glamour and grime in "Loose Diamonds ... and other things I’ve lost (and found) along the way."

Ephron was born into a family of writers — her mother and father are both screenwriters, and all three of her sisters (Nora, Delia and Hallie) are authors as well. So it’s natural that the writing talent in the Ephron family should include middle-child Amy.

Her novels are popular. “Cup of Tea” was a runaway best-seller and has been optioned for a movie. “One Sunday Morning” is currently on the best-seller list. But her latest book, “Loose Diamonds,” is a more personal and often humorous look at her own life.

The book is sprinkled with comic incidents, accidents, occurrences, or simply events gone wrong. From a burglary that left Ephron without her beloved jewelry collection, to her husband’s lover rear-ending Ephron’s car while she was waiting to pick up her son from school, to her extreme bravery of stopping a possible terrorist on her plane, life is certainly never dull around this quick-witted author.

Other stories in this collection include Ephron’s tale of living in a cursed house where every other December something unfortunate happens, as well as her remembrance of interviewing Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, a member of Charles Manson’s gang who was later convicted of attempting to assassinate President Gerald Ford.

My favorite story is “Labor Day,” in which Ephron tells about the birth of her first child and being in the same delivery room as Elizabeth Taylor’s daughter-in-law. Funny stuff.

Ephron’s lively manner of writing makes this slender volume a quick read. The stories are written for a mature audience but have a genuine heartfelt delivery, almost like a girlfriend sitting down with another to say, “You are not going to believe what happened to me today!”