Chazz and His Dad, and a Little Story About Success

Chazz Palminteri wraps up another weekend of his acclaimed play “A Bronx Tale” at the Venetian, tonight through Monday.

Chazz tells me that, after he made it as an actor years ago, he took his dad with him to buy a BMW.

“My father worked for $48 a week when he was a bus driver,” Chazz says.

“Dad looked at the check, hitting me under table with his knee,” Chazz recalls. “He goes, ‘What a deal for this car — $9,400 for a car like this?’

“I go, ‘Dad, you’re missing a zero. It’s $94,000.’ Do you know my father was catatonic? He couldn’t get over I was giving this guy a check for $94,000.”

I love that story.

The show is 8 p.m. today through Monday ($46-$166; 414-9000).