Maher still seeks Clinton for show

Bill Maher says the one politico he is “always trying” to get on his HBO hit “Real Time” is former President Bill Clinton — but Clinton laughed in Maher’s face.

Maher personally invited Clinton when they both appeared on an old Larry King show, to no avail. And a few months ago, Maher asked Clinton again, at a post-Golden Globes party, and the result?

“He just laughed in my face — in a nice way — but I took that to mean it’s not going to happen,” Maher tells me.

Maher — who performs Saturday-Sunday at the Palms — thinks he knows why Clinton won’t do it.

“Somebody told me … ‘Clinton needs to be adored, and you don’t adequately adore him,’ ” he says.

“Every room he walks into, he is adored. I saw it that night at the party. In a room full of movie stars, he’s the biggest star.”

But there is an upside: “I don’t feel at all limited in what I say about Bill Clinton.”

By the way, everyone always wants to know who Maher has blackballed from his show. And the answer?

“I wouldn’t blackball anybody, except I wouldn’t have David Duke (the ex-leader of the KKK) or somebody like that on — somebody who just has a ridiculous position that isn’t worth giving airtime to.”

He also doesn’t invite people on his show for the most obvious reason. “If they’re boring.”


Vegas is Ray Romano’s stand-up home. He performs Friday- Saturday at The Mirage again.

“The only gigs I book are in Vegas,” Romano tells me.

“It’s my favorite little weekend. I go in with my buddies, we golf, we gamble,” Romano says.

Touring the nation would be fine, he says, but he prefers spending that time instead at home with his family.

He feels lucky to still be doing stand-up.

“It’s a great privilege because it defines who you are. It’s a great joy,” Romano says. “I will never not do stand-up. … And for comedians like (Jerry) Seinfeld and Louis C.K., it keeps them going.”


Comedian Rodney Carrington is back in Vegas for a weeklong residency, performing today-Wednesday at the MGM. Carrington has been single for about a year after a long marriage. He tells me he hasn’t been doing any online dating.

“I got a buddy who’s on those (dating sites) all the time. He goes, ‘Man, I’m telling you, every girl I meet on there is nuts.’ ”

But Carrington turns the tables on his buddy, telling him: “Maybe they are saying the same thing about you right now.”


■ Chef Guy Fieri will open his first Vegas restaurant at the Strip’s new Quad in late 2013 — a long road for the 1990 UNLV grad who hosts Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.”

■ Jason Statham and other actors wrapped filming of a remake of Burt Reynolds’ 1986 “Heat” at dawn Wednesday atop Palms Place. On set: Statham, Milo Ventimiglia, Dominik Garcia-Lorido, Matthew Willig and Chris Browning.

■ Flavor Flav lunched Wednesday at House of Blues’ Crossroads restaurant.

■ Meat Loaf, singer of 1977’s “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad,” announced on Twitter he has a six-week deal in Vegas starting Sept. 25. Venue: unknown. VegasChatter reported this, bringing it to my attention.

■ And MTV’s “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham will promote her porn video Aug. 20 at Crazy Horse III strip club. She made a splash recently by turning MTV fame into an official porn debut with “Back Door Teen Mom.” This would have been scandalous a generation ago. Now: Of course she did.

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