The Strokes come indoors

The Strokes have become a festival band, for the most part, seldom playing gigs indoors and on their own.

As they focus mainly on performing in wide-open spaces, though, their sound increasingly seems tailored for smaller, more intimate rooms.

The Strokes’ latest record, “Comedown Machine,” whose title says it all, is a searching, introspective album where keyboards bubble up and recede, guitars dart here and there and frontman Julian Casablancas frequently sings in a vulnerable-sounding falsetto.

The band kicks up plenty of dust with “50/50,” a terse 2 minutes and 40 seconds where Casablancas bellows the chorus, sounding as if his voice was a candle that he was trying to blow out.

“I will say don’t judge me!” he howls.

No judgment necessary, these dudes still got it.

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