Vegas’ Imagine Dragons getting down with ‘Transformers’

OK, we can exhale now.

What precipitated that huge sigh of relief you just heard from us?

Well, finally — finally! — we get to write about Imagine Dragons again.

Seriously, it’s been like two whole weeks since we last updated you with news on the Las Vegas band that seems to grow more popular by the millisecond — Nay! Nanosecond.

And the latest development is a pretty big one: The group will have new, original music featured prominently in the latest “Transformers” movie, which comes out June 27.

The band collaborated with director Michael Bay and film composer Steve Jablonsky, resulting in new song “Battle Cry” being included in the robot-heavy action flick.

Bay favors the larger-the-life when it comes to, well, pretty much everything, which makes Imagine Dragons a good pairing for the director: They too revel in bombast and heart-pounding moments.

When reached for comment, Optimus Prime had this to say: “I don’t normally like dragons. In fact, I battle one in my new film. But these Dragons — I’ll go ahead and say it — they make me want to rock out with my catalytic converter out.”

Added Megatron: “Optimus and I rarely see eye-to-eye, but here’s one thing we can agree on: Imagine Dragons breathe fire — of the root tootin’ rock ’n’ roll variety!”

(Disclaimer: No fictional robots were actually interviewed for this story).

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