Night or day, Drai’s is ready to serve up a party

Do you remember that nightclub where they had that shooting last year? No, not this one. Not that other one either. I’m talking about the one at Drai’s. Well, Drai’s is expanding.

Caesars said today Victor Drai, whose old club on the Strip didn’t even open its doors until vampires awoke from their coffins after midnight, will debut his new rooftop pool place Memorial Day weekend.

Drai’s Beach Club Nightclub: 65,000-feet and 11 stories high atop the new 188-room (that’s not a lot of rooms) boutique Cromwell hotel.

Wait. The official name has a weird dot in the middle of the name, like this: Drai’s Beach Club • Nightclub.

I will do my best to remember to include that dot in future stories about the club, but I’m not making any promises. I don’t even know how to create that dot from my keyboard without copying and pasting it. I mean, if you’re going to put a dot in your name, why not make it a more fun dingbat instead, like a bunny or a girl waving “Hello?”

Drai’s press release says Drai says, “We have designed the club to be visual, sensual, sexy and social.”

OK. Well, you will be able to get a lot of unobstructed sun up there. I think they should have a dermatologist kiosk. Or not, what do I know? I was failing business school when I transferred to journalism.

Here’s my favorite part of the PR pitch:

“Each VIP bungalow will feature its own shower and restroom.”

Sounds like some “romance” is gonna happen in these bungalows. If not, then why bother?

Drai already has a rooftop pool club in Hollywood. Have you been there? I haven’t. No offense, Hollywood, you’re just too long of a drive when I have Vegas at my disposal.

The most interesting vow here is Drai’s promise to serve up one party place or another “24/7.” If true, I’m pretty sure that would make this crazy club the Strip’s only rooftop pool club (that’s another PR pitch) as well as the only never-closed brand-name club on the Strip.

And if there’s one thing the Vegas Strip needs, it’s a club that never closes where drinky people can wander around the edges of the 11th floor roof.