Braun was brains behind big money escorts: Tiger was a customer

Back in June, reputed madam Michelle Braun was arrested by the FBI as part of a high-dollar sex trade investigation. Braun was accused of running models, actresses, and porn stars to millionaire clients. Some clients paid up to $60,000 a night.

Under pressure, she spilled her guts and shared her black book with agents.

That client list was said to be filled with celebrities and the kind of folks who fill daily news pages.

Now Tiger Woods has been linked to two women who, according to multiple Web sites, have worked as escorts for Braun. And the New York Post and New York Daily News are confirming Braun’s connection to Tiger’s libido.

My question is: Will Braun’s confirmation lead back to Las Vegas and the exposure of customers who hung out on the Strip while making
out with Michelle’s models?